Bouquet by Reds Flower Creations; Photography by Amber Hempen Photography
Photos by Beautiful Moment Photography

dare to be different

Making your event your own, creating a ceremony and reception that is special to you is key to a successful event.  Make sure that you and your fiance sit down and seriously discuss what is important to you.  Some folks just love the 'traditional' songs and games played at weddings and others despise them!  If YMCA is a must for you - put it on the playlist!  But if the Chicken Dance raises the hackles, black list it by all means!

You may even want to make a new tradition... it might be a different way to cut the cake, an innovative toast or a choreographed first dance whatever you want and that is important to you is what you should do!

Perhaps you have a theme in mind that requires your guests to participate (Gone with the Wind, Steampunk, Star Wars, etc).  Maybe want everyone to wear something specific to the wedding for an amazing group photo (like certain types of shoes, mouse ears, or even a certain color palette).  Incorporate the things that are important to you, if you're a hiker maybe everyone wears hiking boots, if you love country music plaid shirts, blue jeans and cowboy boots would be fun!  You get the idea... make it your own.  Your wedding doesn't have to be just like everyone else that you know.


We share these photos of what past events have looked like out at Neal Creek Resort so that as you search for the perfect event venue, you can see if this is the dream for you and your group.


One of a kind floating gazebo

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We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our days at Neal Creek Resort.  From the images of weddings past to the vendors who have been supporting us since we started, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Neal Creek Resort

Amy Nicole has been out for a couple of weddings at Neal Creek Resort, but this will always be my favorite moment captured.... as the groomsman pushes the other groomsman into the pond!  (select the image for a link to her website)

Amber Hempen Photography and Power of Love Rentals

We just love the creative flair of these unique invitations & enclosures by Letters & Dust (click image for link to website) Photo by Amber Hempen Photography

Neal Creek Resort is rich with picturesque spots for those once in a lifetime images.  The stark difference between the elegant bride and the rugged outdoors can play beautifully in the camera lens.

​3 photos across provided by Amber Hempen Photography (select left hand picture for link to website)

Amber Hempen Photography and Letters & Dust Invitations
Photos by Amy Nicole

The Cooley Covered Bridge

Amber Hempen Photography

Beautiful Moment Photography has also been out to Neal Creek Resort a couple of times to shoot various weddings, do portraits and we just love having this mother/daughters team out.  They bring fresh perspective every time and capture the most wonderful images!  Many thanks to Christina Thomas and Amie Gomez  for sharing their images.

Amber Hempen Photography & Shabby Chic Bride in Salem, OR
Photos by Beautiful Moment Photography

We are very proud that this photo made it into the North Santiam Canyon calendar for 2015-2016 (we were May 2015).  A big thank you to Christina Thomas for making that happen and taking the beautiful image that is one of my all time faves.

Photos by Beautiful Moment Photography

Bouquet by Reds flower creations (click picture for link).  Wedding gowns & veils provided by Shabby Chic Bride in Salem (select right hand picture for link)

Photos by Beautiful Moment Portraiture

Rentals by provided by Power of Love Rentals (click photo to right for link to website). Photos by Amber Hempen Photography (select picture above for link to Amber's website)

Unique features of neal creek resort

Neal Creek Resort, apart from offering a secluded getaway at the end of a long country road, nestled between two mountains for the utmost privacy, gives each couple several unique options for both ceremony and receptions.

  1. Floating Gazebo Ceremony - the coolest thing is that not only does this floating gazebo float, it moves out into the lake on a tether and we have 'trained' our Rainbow Trout to splash and create what we affectionately call 'waterworks' in place of fireworks at the end of the ceremony
  2. Covered Bridge Ceremony - a gorgeous back drop for the ceremony this area can accommodate up to 200 guests with a more traditional aisle and the sound of the creek tumbling over the rocks below
  3. Forest Ceremony - a large level gravel area amid the trees allows us to create a sanctuary for up to 300 guests with a more traditional aisle if you want that
  4. Lawn Ceremony - adjacent to the reception Pavilion, this area naturally creates stadium seating so that all your guests can see you clearly standing at the base of several large pine trees.
  5. Initimate Waterfall Ceremony - It's just a little hike out to the beautiful river rock beach with a large boulder covered in moss and ferns and a beautiful waterfall as your backdrop and it is perfect for a small ceremony (10 people or less)
  6. Pavilion Ceremony/Reception - The new Pavilion will be complete in early 2015 and will be able to accommodate up to 200 people without a problem.  It can be used as a back up ceremony location in case of inclement weather as well as a reception area for larger groups.
  7. Creekside Reception - groups of up to 80 can opt for a reception set up outside along the path and also inside the large creekside yurt. This vantage point allows you to see the creek and ponds, including the floating gazebo and covered bridge.

In addition, our property and the adjacent ones are host to many different animals, reptiles and birds that many of our guests truly enjoy watching and seeking out.  Yes you can catch and release fish!

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Professional Photos

We often have great photographers come out and take breathtaking pictures at our resort.  We sometimes host stylized shoots that give us unique images to share with you and can host film crews using our diverse accommodations and rugged terrain is a great place to for your next project.  Here is a sampling of some of those photos.  If you are a photographer with an amazing photo to share that was taken at Neal Creek Resort, please e-mail us with permission to publish here and we may share it.  If you like a photo - click on it to visit the website of that photographer.

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